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It all starts with...

Our Simple Process

1 - Sign Into Instagram

Sign in to Instagram through our secure login form. We save a web-cookie called your "sessionid".

2 - Five Similar Accounts

You provide us with (5) Instagram accounts that have a similar audience or aesthetic.

3 - We Follow for You

Our process begins by following from the list and continues with a pattern of following and then unfollowing.


What kind of Instagram are you running?

You’re already killing it on Instagram. Well let’s double-down and really take it to the next level to ensure you get maximum ROI from your account.

Our influencers see a huge jump in their followers simply because this type of account is so attractive to new customers. Following influencers is the reason most people are on Instagram. All we have to do is get all those potential followers to know you exist!

Have a product or service you’re selling, or spending money on advertising? Get more ROI by increasing your following and influence to reach more potential buyers.

Brands get the most benifit out of this service hands down. Your brand's Instagram account is already setup to turn followers into customers. Each follower that we add to your account is like a brand new visit to your website. Our brands see new sales come in right away when using this service.

Are you late to the Instagram party? New accounts benefit tremendously from our service as it accelerates the growth process. After all, time is money, and we can’t waste either.

If you have a brand new Instagram account and would like to see your account following jump in literally three days, you've come to the right place. New Insta accounts that sign up with us will be on their way to over 1k followers in a week or less. Our process is dead simple. It makes sense for any account.

Do you have clients that need to establish brand awareness and grow their following? Want to offer social media growth as a service? We work with dozens of agencies to help achieve real growth for their portfolio of clients.

If you have an agency and want to offer this service as part of your package, get in touch with us here: agency email. This could easily add massive value to your clients. Let's work out a win-win. Looking foward to hearing from you.


Here are just a few of our awesome customers.


One low price, easy enough.

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    Reports and analytics
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    Managed Slowly
    Lots of Changes
    More Work for You
    Nothing to Show
    Reports and analytics
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Some common questions are...

How does it work?

"What I noticed is that they were doing active outreach versus trying to grow organically. Basically, you have to advertise yourself to get to 500k and above. There's no other way to do that than following and liking other accounts. That's it, there's no real secret, it just takes work. The problem - is that this can be quite time consuming for most people - and that's what we do, we solve this problem for you."
- David Michael, Boost10K Founder

How many followers will I get?

On average our customers gain between 1,000 and 1,500 followers per month, but we have seen accounts grow as fast as 10k in four months!

I see a lot of accounts that bought their Followers, is this that?

Absolutely not. Our process is 100% legit and we get you REAL, active accounts that could be potential clients for you. Those other buying services typically get fake accounts to follow your profile. That's what causes them to have 50k followers and only have 3 likes per image. We don't want that.

How do I cancel my account.

All account FAQ's, including our cancelation policy, can be found on our Account Policies page. Simple Answer: send us an email.

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